Plant Extracts


With an increasing desire to have natural ingredients, whether it be in food, cosmetics, animal feeds or pharmaceuticals. Plant extracts provide an excellent choice in achieve this outcome. With the introduction of new extraction techniques such as Super Critical CO¬2 extraction and Steam Extraction, the need to use organic solvents has been eliminated. Plant Extracts can be used to add colour, flavour, aroma, probiotic, nutritional benefits or a combination of all five. The products can be supplied as Essential Oils, Floral waters and solid powder extracts depending on the product and application. 

  • Essential Oils
  • Floral Waters
  • Plant Extracts

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All you need to know

Active Bio-Tech offers selected products on an ex-store basis with our warehousing facilities located in South Auckland. Where necessary we will commit to holding stock for customers based on forward commitments.

We also supply to order using air or sea freight as required. Generally for specialized products of less than 100 kg we will airfreight these into the country. Whilst a little more expensive it offers short lead times, helping our customers with flexibility, cash flow and inventories.

When you place an order with Active Bio-Tech we will work with you to choose the delivery solution that best suits your needs.

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