Active Bio-Tech Limited, a company dedicated to bringing our customers a superior experience. You can tell us your requirements and we will supply consistent quality products at competitive pricing. With the support of our suppliers we believe your needs will always come first. So put us to the test.


About Us

With many years involvement in the food, food Ingredients and chemical actives market areas. I have started up Active Bio-Tech Limited with the vision of creating a company that will provide Suppliers an opportunity to have personal representation in our market, and our customers a range of sophisticated Ingredients and chemicals supported by technical back up. Active Bio-Tech Limited commenced business in 2011

All you need to know

Active Bio-Tech offers selected products on an ex-store basis with our warehousing facilities located in South Auckland. Where necessary we will commit to holding stock for customers based on forward commitments.

We also supply to order using air or sea freight as required. Generally for specialized products of less than 100 kg we will airfreight these into the country. Whilst a little more expensive it offers short lead times, helping our customers with flexibility, cash flow and inventories.

When you place an order with Active Bio-Tech we will work with you to choose the delivery solution that best suits your needs.

Contact your Active Bio-Tech representative to find out more about putting our logistical expertise to work.

Active Bio-Tech Limited
PO Box 21671